Sunday, 25 February 2018

Introduction - Hello from janglepophub !!!

Hello all

Thanks for visiting the janglepophub blog. It is out pleasure to provide you our take on all things janglepop.

The blog is used for lengthier articles regarding anything we recommend or at the very least find interesting in and around the fringes of janglepop. If you have anything you feel our readers may enjoy please do not hesitate to contact us at

We also have further social media presence at the following which are used for more abbreviated comment and include our #dailyjanglepop series which gives daily janglepop tracks from what we have recently been listening to. So whatever your preferred source of social media is we have something for you.

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If you have any recommendations for the #dailyjanglepop series please e-mail the link to me on or put it in the comments of this section and I will give it considerations for inclusion.

All tracks referenced in our articles and the various #dailyjanglepop series are published in the monthly jangle jukebox playlists at the end of each month (commencing January 2018) and full accreditation will be given for any referrals.

Once again thanks for visiting the site and we hope you enjoy your stay.

Regards...Darrin (Editor)


  1. Good to learn more of the genre. Tweeted.

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  3. Hi, love this blog! Thought you may like to hear this from a band I was in called A Strange Desire. We were from London and were around from 1985-87. Firestation Records have recently released an album of demos and live tracks. This is On Another Day from 1986, it was also included in the Timebox compilation album. Best wishes!

    1. Hi - sorry I missed your post. I remember your band from back in the day although I never saw you live which is a bit unusual for me. Loved the compilation that FSR did. It must be a real honour to have the Firestation treatment...have you heard the latest The Mayfields one. So good as well !